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Pool Maintenance 14.01.2020

Undoubtedly, the pool is a favorite vacation spot of every family. It gives coolness and freshness in the hot summer days, allowing you to feel at a seaside resort without leaving your cozy country house. But do not forget that the pool is a complex hydraulic structure, requiring careful care and maintenance. However, all operations to care for the pool and water in it are quite simple and do not take much time. Order pool repairs here — http://www.montelgroup.org .

Let’s imagine that you have just become the happy owner of a pool or a country house with an outdoor pool and do not understand anything in its operation.

The first thing you need is a set of tests for water. They are sold at specialized pool equipment stores. There are two types of tests: litmus (inexpensive) and electronic. We are quite happy with the litmus set with beakers and flasks, which allows us to determine the quality of water without spending a lot of money on it.

So, we do the first test for the amount of chlorine. If there is a lot of chlorine in the water, it is necessary to shut off the chlorine distributor in the filtration system or to get a floating dispenser from the pool, with the help of which the reagent is dosed. Within 1-2 days, excess chlorine will disappear and its concentration will approach normal levels.
Whatever you do in the pool, no matter what chemicals are added — the volume of water in it is huge, it is a heavy inertial mass, so you need to wait for a day or two.
If the test shows an insufficient concentration of chlorine, it is necessary to slightly open the distributor on the filter. If there is no dispenser, you can add chlorine directly to the pool tank, but you must be extremely careful and remember that chlorine is an aggressive and toxic substance. Therefore, it is better to carefully study the instructions, which are always complete with chemical reagents, or consult a store.
It should be remembered that the pool is a huge amount of water, the circulation and filtration of which requires a certain period of time. Therefore, you can observe the result of your manipulations with chemicals only after some time.

Next, we check the acidity level of the water. If the acidity is higher or lower than normal, then add Ph- or Ph + accordingly. The dosage of the necessary reagent is best read in the instructions for it. With the result, again, you need to wait a while.
Never panic — there is absolutely nothing wrong if the water in your pool for several days does not meet the necessary requirements. You will gradually achieve the necessary concentration of reagents and remember the algorithm for restoring the perfect balance of water in your pool. After the water in the pool is balanced, the pool will function normally. Do not forget about the periodic monitoring of water in terms of chlorine and acidity. Small debris, leaves and other objects from the surface and the bottom must be caught using the nets — bottom (with a garbage bag) and surface.

Some time after the start of the season, sand and dust will be visible at the bottom of the pool. This means that it is time to clean the pool with a vacuum cleaner.

For cleaning, we need: a net, a telescopic rod and a corrugated hose for a vacuum cleaner, a nozzle with a brush and a white plastic circle for connecting to a skimmer (if provided for by the skimmer design). Using the net, we remove everything that floats on the surface of the water. Usually these are leaves, small twigs and other garbage.